About Kainos

Since 2001 Kainos has built a business to facilitate and create a platform for the development of individuals and businesses to thrive and grow.

Our advisers work hard to earn the trust of clients, delivering personalised services that help them reach their financial goals.

Whether you are an individual or a business, the team of more than 60 financial advisers can help you achieve your vision.

We are committed to earning our clients’ trust and to forge relationships with a variety of superior solution providers.

Our Expertise

The Financial Advisers supported by Kainos Financial Services are expertly trained in matters of financial planning. They can assist with various aspects of financial planning, with specific focus on The Five Major Problems:

  • Living too long – It is not uncommon for individuals to outlive their retirement savings.
  • Dying too soon – The immense impact of passing away and leaving behind loved ones to deal with unpaid debts or an income shortfall
  • Inflation and taxes – The effect of erosion of capital on investments can be curbed by thorough planning. In this way a client’s investment goals are attained and enhanced.
  • Contracting a dread disease – During our working life, we endeavour to attain a certain standard of living which is easily devastated by disease.
  • Becoming disabled – In most cases an individual’s ability to earn an income is their largest asset. Being vulnerable to losing this asset impacts the short- and long-term.

The process followed by these financial advisers is the international Generally Accepted Financial Planning Process.

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