Your business has fast tracked to a virtual environment – are you adequately insured?

May 2020

So, the plans have been there for months or years and the greater plan was to move to a more digital type of business, but there was never a real urgency to take the final plunge…until lockdown that is.  Suddenly everyone was scrambling to get the virtual office working.

Staff members should, by now, be settling into their new routines working from home and most of the initial teething issues will be resolved or near to resolution.

Surely it’s time for you to sit back, relax and let the business run?

Cyber Insurance

If you’re insured for cyber security threats and loss of data, then yes, but if not now is your time to ensure that your business is effectively covered.

While most people have been catching up on binge-watching their favourite series, deep cleaning their ovens, sprucing up their garages and spending time in downward dog position, hackers have been hard at work finding new and innovative ways to get their hands on valuable data.

A system hack could spell havoc for your company, not only in terms of the day to day operations and ultimate survival of the company, but could also expose hundreds, thousands or millions of people’s personal information.  Not only do you need to ensure that you have taken reasonable measures to protect your network and systems, but you need to be covered for the potential losses should an intrusion occur.

Speak to Kainos Short Term today to find out more about our cyber cover. Designed by South Africa’s top cyber mitigation specialists, this cyber insurance product provides cover, that has been uniquely tailored to meet the South African market’s needs.

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