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January 2021

Kainos Jan 2021 Newsletter

Retirement Fund Reform And Tax Season

We all know about tax free savings accounts, retirement annuities and all the other ways that help us to legally and legitimately optimize our tax returns, but do you know how to truly make it work for you?

This tax season save yourself some time, headaches and money.  Just one call to your Financial Advisor is all it takes to ensure that you have efficiently invested your money to ensure the most accurate tax return.

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December 2020

Creating a winning budget

It is the holiday season, time to relax and enjoy time with family, splurge on presents and good food. The party has started, and this is usually the month you set your worries aside. But you will still have to face them in January, the longest month of the year. This issue is filled with hints and tips to help you enjoy the holidays, and make your December salary last. Read more about these, before you get your party on.

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October 2020

Personal finance rules to live by

There is no better time like the present to take control of your finances, even in tough times. In this issue, you can find out how to protect your finances by sticking to personal finance rules, keeping on top of your investments by understanding financial jargon and making sure you don’t dip into your retiremenet savings. Read on about these, and have a fruitful month.

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August 2020

Hype or Reality – should women invest differently?

Not only do women earn less and live longer than men, but according to Statistics SA (Mbalo Brief, March 2018):

  • 45.6% of moms are single moms
  • 16% receive financial support
  • 33% are also supporting her parents

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June 2020

All in this together

Challenging times can lead to worry, particularly when your world feels unpredictable and uncertain.  At Kainos we understand how the global pandemic and resultant lockdown has affected individuals in different ways.

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March 2020

Kainos Group COVID-19 Lockdown Business Continuity Announcement

As we begin our 21 days of lockdown, the Leadership Team and staff of Kainos Group would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we will be continuing business albeit from our respective homes, which we have set up as remote offices, instead of from the office.

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March 2020

Wealth In A Time Of COVID-19

Our president has declared a National State of Disaster and clearly outlined what needs to happen in order for us to try and contain the possible outcomes of the COVI-19 Virus.

Despite being asked not to panic, many people have done just that and as a result, listed assets sold off rapidly, and oil prices plummeted, globally. On home shores, we’ve seen our Rand depreciate and SASOL crash.

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February 2020

Kainos Chronicles

We look at ways to move forward with positive intent, with a view on this famous quote byZig Ziglar, author, salesman and motivational speaker.

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

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October 2019

Kainos Chronicles

In this edition of the Kainos Chronicle, we explore the staggering amount claimed by beneficiaries in 2018 from South African life insurers.

The 2018 annual death claim benefit statistics for fully underwritten individual life policies released by the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) show that life insurers paid 33 545 claims, representing 99.3% of all claims received. Life insurers declined 222 claims, a mere 0.7% of claims against underwritten individual life policies in 2018.

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August 2019

In the age of instant gratification, it is easy to forget about the virtues of patience, but if you want to see your money grow, patience is key.

In this edition of the Kainos Chronicle, we’re highlighting a recent article, published on Moneyweb, entitled “Why investors should remain patient and avoid the perils of performance-chasing”.

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